Stonefest 2008 Dry Stone Bridge Pictures

This photo shows the two bridge Arch forms that were used in making this bridge, each is 4 feet 3 inches long. These two forms layed end to end, were used to form the bridge arch.
NOTE:The end of each of the bridge arch forms are an exact half of a circle.
This photo shows the the construction details of one of the two forms used to made the bridge arch.
NOTE: The lengths of 2x4's and 2x6's are cut four foot long, and nailed securely the end pieces. Each end piece is made from one piece of one and one half inch plywood cut into a half circle.
This photo shows the the construction details of forming the bridge walls.
NOTE: The stones of the two sides of this portion of the the wall are in place and lined up with the red string. The large stone spanning both of the sides of the wall is necessary to provide stength and stabilization to the bridge wall. These through stones are placed every three to four feet in the third layer and the sixth layer of wall stones in each stone wall.
This photo shows the stone that was used to form the steps for each end of the bridge.
NOTE: The straight line of holes that were drilled for wedges to be inserted to split the stone into two pieces.

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